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health insurance is a ripoff reddit

quarta-feira, 30/dez/2020

Private health insurance is in a death spiral because it is a massive, massive ripoff This article is more than 1 year old. I'm beyond grateful and lucky. The most restrictive one. Am I supposed to spend every 30 seconds at any doctor visit demanding to know if this next 10 minutes is for sure covered by my insurance? Some of you are really critical of health insurance. My wife got a job at a school. The company paid it. And if you consider that prices of medical services are negotiated between insurances and medical providers I can't help but feel like people are getting shafted there. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. "Health insurance isn't going to be a lot cheaper depending on how you sell it." The Agents start by saying they have a "no deductible" This is deceiving. Because the reason why the government pushes so hard for private health insurance for young people comes down to simple maths and statistics. I have "good" health insurance according to American standards. Health insurance can reimburse the insured for … But those same plans 5 years ago? I mean, this looks like a great deal. I've got routine stuff taken care of for copays of $20, I have meds covered for copays of $20. My insurance company claimed to have saved me over $20k. John Sonmez from Bulldog Mindset Here, where I teach you how to go from the Victim Mindset to the Bulldog Mindset. I've paid maybe $300 total my whole life for any kind of insurance except car. But a lot of people also don’t realise that even if you do have health insurance, it doesn’t mean 100 per cent of your medical costs will be covered — and as a result, many people end up shocked by the “gap” between their cover and their medical fees. But it was just stitches be careful of your cracked bones. Then they say "well, you should be asking at every step 'is this going to be covered by my insurance?". Monthly. You don't even know if that amount was actually paid for by your insurance or if they got a nice discount for being valued customers. Consumers thought they were buying comprehensive health insurance for as much as $500 a month, but the plans didn't deliver any of the promised benefits. Those aggressive, doom-and-gloom ads were the result of the government’s lifetime health cover (LHC) initiative, which pushes Aussies into taking out insurance early — by punishing those who don’t. There’s a lot of fearmongering that goes with the industry, and many Aussies sign up for cover because they worry that if they get hit by a truck or contract some terrible disease, they’ll be left out in the cold without it. In the health domain, poor patients are unable to afford insur­ance in a cat­e­gory where it is salu­bri­ous to buy it, but they opt for insur­ance in an area where the invest­ment is inex­pe­di­ent. Many Americans, according to various polls, blame Obamacare for every hike in premiums despite the fact that the rate of increase for most folks was actually greater before 2010, the year the law went into effect. Join the conversation, you are commenting as, — Australia’s leading news site, ‘A dud’: Aussies reject $2k waste of money. My insurance company claimed to have saved me over $20k. Don't get me wrong, Insurance companies, be it car and home, life, health, they can be assholes for sure- but none of them would have gotten very far without paying … And there are plenty of doctors who do this thing called 'bulk billing' where I walk out with having paid a cent. Nothing is free but there is a huge difference. First Dog on the Moon. The US has a big problem with supply of labor and the cost of pharma R&D which no one addresses. I work for a company that gives us choices among probably 3 or 4 plan levels. And even that? But I've watched the costs climb so high and seen the insurance games where once you are at the doctor, they do a test or whatnot using a company that won't be covered by your insurance and you don't find out until the bill comes. Grattan Institute health economist Stephen Duckett also released a paper in July which warned the industry was now in a “death spiral”, with premiums rising “much faster than wages or inflation” leaving Aussies “increasingly dissatisfied” — especially young, healthy people. Also, Ran has stated that pa Medicare traditionally approves less then half of the bill and other insurance companies pay basically the same as Medicare or alittle above it. A few years later I had a random seizure. It’s obviously a personal choice at the end of the day, and I’d never begrudge someone for getting cover — for lots of people, the peace of mind it brings is absolutely worth the cost. Health insurance for my family cost nearly as much as rent and doesn't cover much of anything that I've needed it to. That means you’ll be coughing up for a service you probably won’t be using — so you’re essentially subsidising other, older people. But! Add in car insurance and I pay more for insurance than I do for rent. The president said over and over again that if I liked my health insurance I could keep it. The same goes for serious illnesses — if you’re diagnosed with one, you’re still going to be treated, whether you have private cover or not. I have had to alter my life and skimp on certain bills to maintain it. For those looking to purchase LTC insurance, you may not be eligible if you have health … That is terrible. Health care in the US is a huge scam. Australia’s private health industry is in a “death spiral”. LUDICROUS. And that cost me $15k. And I had a curveball med issue a few years ago that was covered for copays on visits and meds for me. Late last month, figures released by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) revealed Aussies were turning their backs on private health in droves, with 65,000 fewer Australians having health insurance in December 2018 compared with the previous year. I also only get taxed around 11% in paychecks, you just have to have the bigger picture in mind. Yes it is a scam, especially from the perspective of a healthcare provider in a non-acute care setting. New evidence has just come in showing that Medicare Advantage is a ripoff that fattens the health insurance industry while scarcely helping its enrollees, all at public expense. Post Reply. It is total bullshit and frustrates the hell out of me especially since I have to renew the insurance and the rates are going up again. That is the exact reason I have health insurance. I got a good size burn the other day it it will cost me upwards of $300 just to have someone look at it to see if it needs other treatment. COBRA is not an insurance company. This company prides itself on being Christians that provide an alternative to Obama care (exemption from health insurance law requirements). In both cases, you pay the same amount of money but, hey, the second is definitively better! It tells you that you need to drop your insurance. The bigger butt fucker here isn't the cost of the insurance... its the cost of the health care itself. And even if you do end up taking out private health insurance later in life — which means you’re stung by the loading — you’ll still end up paying less in the long run compared with someone who has been paying every year since their 31st birthday without claiming. But even if you are one of the unlucky young people who do land in hospital, it will probably be the result of an accident — and in an emergency situation, you’ll be taken to the closest public hospital in the overwhelming majority of cases anyway. But I’d rather keep my cash in the bank and use it when I actually use it — and it seems more and more Aussies are agreeing with me. Is Auto Insurance a ripoff? $2361 returned to redditors so far! Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. It’s a different story for 55 to 64-year-olds, with 626 hospitalisations per 1000 Aussies — a figure that continues to rise sharply with age. Health Insurance Company Ripoffs - Real cases YOU WON'T BELIEVE! $6,000 is about 5 hours on the ER. I'm so sorry. Not sure where you're located, perhaps a state job could help you get cheaper benefits. I should be able to rely on the effing company that is collecting my dollars and providing me a product based on taking care of me - TO AT LEAST TAKE CARE OF THINGS WHEN I FOLLOW THEIR RULES AND SEE THEIR DOCTORS AND LOCATIONS. I am sure this is a common complaint. by RomHaywood Feb 6, 2018 8:41PM PST I must admit I'm quite frustrated that my insurance company keeps increasing my rates. Sad that health comes down to dollar figures. Update 3: $3332 returned! This field is required. Yes, I am responsible for making sure I'm using my plan responsibly, but within reason. I am on the absolutely cheapest, most limited, plan. $300 dollars to get someone to have a look at your burn to determine if it needs actual medical treatment..... GTFO. Health insurance is complicated, and so is the situation we find ourselves in when an unexpected health crisis occurs. Helpful Answer (0) Report. It was all worry things could be worse. The fact is, the younger you are, the less likely you are to wind up in hospital. See -1 more reply. Dr Duckett said there was a widespread lack of understanding about how people’s private health insurance actually worked, which meant some people weren’t covered for things they expected to be, like maternity care, while others were left with “much bigger out of pocket bills” than they expected. US Health Advisors, US Health Group, Freedom Life a very well orchestrated scam, pulling the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting people. Because I didn't have insurance. It’s possible, maybe even likely, that your health insurer has been ripping off both you and your employer—to the tune of several million dollars every year—for decades. Of course, there are clear and obvious benefits of health insurance — you’re better able to choose your doctor for one, and you’ll also receive non-urgent treatment faster and at a more convenient time. He told me there were two clear benefits of private health, especially having the “choice of doctor”, although he warned the public “don’t necessarily have good information about doctors” at their disposal anyway. GRANTED, THAT'S SUPER CHEAP compared to what other people pay. I could not afford 300$ per month without significantly altering my lifestyle for the worse. It's an insurance plan created by the government for employees who are fired/terminated etc from a company, which entitles you to continue your health benefits at 102% of the premium that you or your employer was paying before whatever act took place for the employee to leave the company. When my 31st birthday was looming, I was bombarded with targeted ads warning that my life would be all but ruined if I didn’t take out private health insurance — pronto. Now, we pay about $400 a month for really good health insurance … Don't have an account? (Ryan D. O'Quinn, an attorney for Steve Dorfman, the owner of the accused company, said his client denied the allegations.) It's either "make some rich guys pay for it" or "it's all Obama's fault". RELATED: ‘A dud’: Aussies reject $2k waste of moneyRELATED: Why you might miss out on free $1080. It also covers some services that Medicare doesn’t, like basic dental and optometry. Australians are paying higher premiums than necessary for their private health insurance - how can you avoid falling into a trap? ZERO cost to me. J. joycews Jun 2013. That’s why the mad rush to take out a policy in your early 30s just doesn’t add up. We are gambling that something really, really bad ans expensive happens and if it does not we are supporting bloated corporate insurance companies. Cookies help us deliver our Services. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Health Insurance is incredibly frustrating. I pay close to $300 a month for insurance that covers almost nothing until I meet the $6600 deductible. I have great coverage. My wife works for one of the biggest law firms in the US. Maybe one day you can get with an agency that provides better benefits. We have paid the $50 application fee TWICE and were told we would get forms and they screwed up and wanted us to pay the first month's share for 3 people. With tour plan, you'll have to get over $10,000 in healthcare costs in order to finally be getting something for the over $3k you dropped into health insurance. Health Insurance is incredibly frustrating. 56.2k votes, 2.3k comments. I heard that the US actually had to pay for health care out of their own's sickening they would do that to their own people. Which has never been over $70 a month. In Australia, private health insurance is not a matter of life or death, because in an emergency you’ll be taken to a public hospital where you’ll receive a high quality of care — for free. Is that worth it to you? That’s it. Is that worth it for you? This is a bit of a bubble burster for your ELI5 but a lot of these stories tend to omit a lot of fine details. And believe me, I see what people here pay to cover either a partner or dependent on these plans, and it's far more than some pay for their rent or mortgage. Continue the conversation @carey_alexis |, To join the conversation, please Log in. Health insurance expert Katherine Woodfield provides 10 tips on how to navigate the sometimes-confusing lingo, mathematic calculations and insurance coverage options to help make sure you're getting the best deal on health insurance. The loss of a car or a house can feel devastating, and deciding how and if they should be replaced can be difficult. It does sound scary, and it did make me stop and think — before I decided it was all a giant con. Picture: iStockSource:istock. Hey Bulldogs! Having life insurance when you die is that purpose. I was paying $551 a month for catastrophic insurance for my wife and me. Don't insurances have an interest in massively inflated prices for medical services? LTC insurance used to be much better than it is now. Obamacare. Health Insurance Guide for 2020 The decision to take up private health insurance can be a very involved process, and the factors that go into your decision will be unique to you. Health Insurance Ripoffs. I'm super super lucky and I know and recognize that, but it's also terrifying to me that I'm lucky in watching what I pay double nearly every single year and my income does not. These find­ings are some­what ironic in light of obser­va­tions that poor sick patients who are unable to afford health insur­ance pay the high­est prices for drugs (e.g., Frank 2001). This is one of the things that I often wonder about when I see medical bills from the US. I am sitting here wondering what the fuck I am paying for? Then it was $20 per month, then $60 per month, then $90 and on and on. In Pictures: Seven Slimy Health-Care Scams. In the last two months I have spent $2000 in co-payments and deductibles for various health issues. It’s a good idea to compare the total costs and benefits of the plan and not just look at the premium. In a nutshell, if you don’t sign up for private health cover from the year you turn 31, you’ll be slugged with a 2 per cent LHC loading on top of your premium for every year you are aged over 30, if and when you finally do sign up. Costs me $150 per month. Statistically, health insurance is a bad deal for any young person, who will on average spend more than they get back and rely on the public system more often than not. I'm on an HMO that is even further narrowed to a kind of "preferred partner" plan. In other words, if it smells too good to be true, it probably is. I'm super super lucky and I know and recognize that, but it's also terrifying to me that I'm lucky in watching what I pay … X. If you reached out for help, don’t … Yep and since a hospital bill could potentially be hundreds of thousands, the amount paid in needs to be increased to match. Out of pocket. Detestable. Your first dip into the policy selection process can be pretty overwhelming, so this guide will help lay everything out for you as plainly as possible to get you on your way. Ripoff Report on: Mega Life & Health Insurance Co. - Mega life health insurance co is a rip off north richland hills texas In your case, you would have saved $5k. And health insurance is fundamentally different from any other insurance. Broke and financially drained, yes, but bankrupt, no. Insurance companies in America aren't exactly beloved, in large part due to a reputation for perceived stinginess when it comes to healthcare costs. What are your main objections to such and the reasoning behind them? It had a $13,500 deductible, 2 primary care visits each for a $60 co-pay, and a physical included for each of us. 07/29/2017 22:41:22. In your case, that would be over $10k savings. In Australia I can go to a doctor and be no more out of pocket than say $75 USD for the same thing. For example, a person with a taxable income of $110,000 would pay a $1375 surcharge, which is about $125 less than the average cost of basic private health insurance. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The Obamacare Ripoff: More Money for Less Insurance. I gamble I will get really expensively ill or injured and they gamble I won't. My eye could maybe fall into my cheek. Nurses, Doctors and Surgeons Employed by the Insurance Companies Who Have Never Seen or Examined Patients, Denying Patients Treatment & Surgeries Based Solely on Reading Reports and Arbitrary Insurance Guidelines. Ripoff Report on: - Affordablehealthinsuranceplansorg probably a scam internet The primary plan (Premier Choice) is a Limited Benefit health … All times AEDT (GMT +11). ... yes, I think they are mostly a ripoff. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. If they give you two aspirins then you round that up to $7,000. You and me both my friend. In Australia, private health insurance is not a matter of life or death, because in an emergency you’ll be taken to a public hospital where you’ll receive a high quality of care — for free. The government’s own Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website backs this up, with stats showing an average of just 280 hospitalisations per 1000 people aged between 25 and 34. Let the wealthy live. I have a hybrid of term and whole life insurance, and it costs me (late 20s) less than it would cost me for half the insurance amount in my 50s (and I value life insurance, so I plan on having it now until then). Nationwide News Pty Limited Copyright © 2020. It is a total waste of money unless something really bad happens. Health insurance never pays 100% of what is charged and to have a contract with them they provide a fee schedule of what they will pay for and how much. I’ve always found the concept of private health insurance to be a bit dodgy, especially for young people, and it turns out I’m not alone. Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that pays for medical expenses incurred by the insured. To me, that's not particularly correct. I fell down once and got a moderate injury -- medicine couldn't help my tiny fractures, and got stitches to prevent a bad scar on my chin. What should that tell you? This whack a mole crap with my coverage is complete bs. So when people say even universal healthcare isn't free are they taking into account that it's much easier to pay cents per paycheque, rather than an individual paying hundreds of dollars a month for it? The right no not be bankrupt. Exactly. But you know what's an even better deal? The second benefit came down to amenities like private rooms and food — although most public hospitals now have a “fairly high proportion” of single rooms — and the reduction in waiting times. This! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Update 2: Holy moly! And then a week long migraine I went to the ER to beg for help. Sign up, Join the conversation, you are commenting as Logout. Health insurance plans can vary greatly in cost based on factors such as your health, your geographic region, the amount of your deductible, and co-pay requirements.

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